Dreaming about when the SHTF

It’s one second after the inevitable apocalyptic EMP strike.  No phones, no transportation readily available, empty prisons, survival of the fittest, total pandemonium.  You’ll never speak with anyone who lives more than 100 miles unless you take off on a real life Oregon Trail.  Why not stuff some chum in your pockets and swim out past the breakers?  Ok, we know you have you have something to live for, keep reading.

How long should you prepare for?

Historically, some of the worst disasters have had only a 40 day life cycle which goes like this:

  1. The Event
  2. Search and Rescue
  3. Awareness and Realization
  4. Desperation
  5. Restructuring

Most of the time people need to prepare for smaller scale events which could last only a day or so— earthquake, flood, gas leak, insect infestation, power outage, etc.  If you’re anything like me, it is very rare for the entire family to be in the same place during the day.  It’s a good idea to talk through and write down a plan so that everyone you love will be on the same page.

Realtime Earthquake Map: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map

What should you include in your SHTF plan?

There are lots of great resources and worksheets online, and all of them go into depth on theses things:

Establishing a Rally Point

A Rally Point can be anywhere that you will all be able to reach safely (school if kids are there).  Most people choose their kids school since they don’t want their kids walking around.  Of course you need a A, B, and C plan, so think of other places that are central to everyone

http://survivalathome.com/how-to-make-a-family-bug-out-plan/   http://www.thebugoutbagguide.com/survival-at-home/  (free printable) http://www.thenewsurvivalist.com/have_an_emergency_plan.html http://www.thenewsurvivalist.com/emergency_preparedness_kit.html

2 ) Bug Out or Hunker Down?

Your bug out location is your field of dreams.  I think of it like my own summer camp.  It’s a private piece of land protected from intruders, full of natural resources, stockpiled with munitions and survival gear.  It should have good natural camouflage, solar power, yeah.  For sake of simplification— this is a blank canvas and unique to your personal style.






This is a good option for lots of scenarios because you have the option to go North, South, East, or West.  Find an Airstream online and an older pickup (don’t forget an EMP will knock out your tow vehicle), and load it with solar panels and water filters.  Good to go.




My personal favorite escape scenario, the water has an abundance of life sustaining resources, as well as total mobility to anywhere I could want to go.  I would include a nautical vessel equipped with wind and diesel power, steel hull, water filtration plant, solar energy, and of course an arsenal that Hemingway would be proud of.  Come to think of it— Pilar has a nice ring to it.








One thing I frequently think about is communication.  As part of a family bug out plan, you should talk through the most primitive forms of communication and keep things like radios or walkie-talkies  charged up.  Simple things like putting a note in your mailbox or under a plant could be very effective and keeping everyone together.





Gear and Essentials

Before I get too deep on what things you should prep with, I’ll just point you to some places doing a great job of covering all the bases—  http://boltwell.com/kits


A Few good ideas: