Guide: Antigua, Guatemala

Arriving in Antigua is every bit the Central American gem you imagine it to be. Cobbled streets and graceful colonial buildings intermingle with painted baroque facades around a typical plaza. What’s most impressive though, is that these low-lying buildings, built to withstand seismic activity, are surrounded by three vast volcanoes, adding to the other-worldly atmosphere that can only be achieved by the addictive mix of Spanish charm and Mayan magic.
Antigua’s colorful history is as prominent as its vibrant modern-day culture. Today, you can check your emails in an organic coffee shop whilst locals in traditional attire ride horses and sell freshly steamed corn. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, ethereal charm is in abundance and irresistible roof terraces make an essential escape from the heat and sensational places to work from. If you can tear yourself away from this bewitching place, there are plenty of volcano-hiking opportunities to keep you physically stimulated and mentally wired.

Antigua Good to know:

Co-working space:Impact Hub
*Cost of living$716
Drive time to international airport:0:58
*Cost of a meal: $2.61
*Cost of a beer:$1.31
Average temperature:80.6°F, 27°C
Education:Antigua International School

*Information obtained from August 2015

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