Learn to Farm in Italy for the Price of A Plane Ticket

How does being a farm intern in Tuscany for three months sound?  What if you were living in an age-old castle, learning to speak Italian, caring for farm animals, enjoying farm fresh meals you helped harvest and five course dinners every night coupled with endless wine from the vineyard? That of course doesn’t include the list of amazing people you will meet and work with during your internship.  

If you want to learn to farm, raise pigs and chickens, butcher, or maintain a vineyard, Tenuti di Spannocchia is a truly unique and life changing opportunity.  Spannocchia is a rural farm outside of Siena ITALY that is keeping alive the rich tradition of a working farm through education, preservation and sustainability, and was created to “encourage global dialogue about sustaining cultural landscapes for future generations.”

If you’re more interested in being steeped in a beautiful tradition, enjoying five course meals, and learning more about the Italian culture,  don’t worry, you don’t have to work in order to experience the magic of Spannocchia on a budget.  They have sweet rustic rooms in the on-site farmhouse that are perfect for the world traveler who likes to travel like a local.  Or, if you enjoy all the luxuries when seeing new places, Spannocchia also has spacious villas that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Good To Know:

Internet: Next to None
Closest  International airport:  Florence, ITALY
Avg. cost of Farmhouse Stay Includes Breakfast:  60.00 Euro
Best Time To Visit:  Spring – Fall                                                                                 Closest City: Siena, ITALY

Farm Internship and Educational Programs: http://www.spannocchia.org/internships/

Farmhouse and Villa Rentals: http://www.spannocchia.com/home/why-visit-spannocchia/