Off The Grid Essentials For The New Minimalist

If you’re dreaming of transitioning to a world without utility bills or if you’re already going it alone, our list of off the grid essentials is designed to streamline life for the new minimalist.

Exciting and daunting at the same time, making the move to live sans aide, or at least partly, can be a huge challenge but one that’s continually rewarding. After planning what it’s going to take for you to live in your home independently, without relying on external input for your water, waste management, food and energy, there’s only one thing left to do. Make the move.

    Learn how to mix water and electricity

    A running water supply is crucial for survival but as a new minimalist, living off-grid doesn’t have to mean living without connection to the outside world. You can harness the power of running water to drive a mini hydro plant, which can provide you with power and hot water.

    Bring light into your life by installing solar panels

    Widely considered one of the most essential, modern off-grid functions, a solar panel installation can provide you with power for electricity, the heating of water and heat for your home.

    Flush out unnecessary modern waste in a composting toilet

    The sleek exterior of a composting toilet hides the most primal of set-ups, saving water, the environment and money. Minimal living doesn’t get much more basic than this but if you’re astonished at the fact that we flush our waste with drinking water then making the transition to one of these is essential.

    Exercise your green fingers

    Growing your own might not immediately seem like an off-grid living necessity but essentially, it enables you to reduce what you buy in shops and avoid the ever-growing list of synthesized foods. This in turn reduces your reliance on the system and rewards you with one of life’s great pleasures – your first harvest. It’s also a great way to go organic.

    Cook up a new life on a wood-burning range

    A warm room, freshly brewed coffee and a home-cooked meal. It’s all possible with a wood-burning range. This minimalist essential tackles heating and cooking and brings you back to nature with the smell of a real fire.

    Streamline your financial self

    Becoming debt free is not only mentally freeing but it also opens up so many opportunities as you journey to off-grid utopia. If you’re paying premiums each month then you’re reducing the amount of money you can spend on the above essentials.

What’s your off-grid essential?